Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I love the new review of New Vampire Online, an untraditional tale of entrepreunerial vampires

new vampire online cover

Cover for the nontraditional vampire tale, New Vampire Online

Reviews–I love them!  I want them.  And I just got one for my new novel, New Vampire Online that really made my day.  Here are a couple of excerpts:

“Annie Carroll’s ‘New Vampire Online’ is fresh, immediately addictive, unique and such a delight to read—it starkly contrasts most of the vampire-based fare that crawls out of the Kindle woodwork.”

And the reviewer finishes with this:

“Let me suffice it to say that if you like vampire novels that actually offer a fun reading experience without getting too bleak—something that succeeds in being a page turner without taking itself too seriously, then get lost in an afternoon (or a whole day) reading ‘New Vampire Online.’ Fans of the genre will not be disappointed.”

New Vampire Online, and its predecessor, New Vampire in Town, have been challenging to promote because both books are unlike the currently conventional vampire stuff.  For example, my vampires don’t spends their days in stinky old coffins.  Why do that when an electronically secured basement bedroom with a king-size bed and 500 count sheets are available!  They deal with real life experiences in today’s world:  replacing worn-out RV tires, old boyfriends who stir up trouble, reputations in the world on online vampires, appearances on daytime talk shows–to name just a few.

New Vampire in Town, a novella, is available for a mere pittance on Kindle: .99!!  (And if you read it or New Vampire Online, please leave a review!)

And, finally, New Vampire Online is available on iTunes and on Nook.


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