Free copy of New Vampire Online–but there’s a catch. (Isn’t there always!!) ‘Pay’ with a review.

new vampire online cover

Cover for the nontraditional vampire tale, New Vampire Online

Here is where to go for your no-cost copy of New Vampire Online:Story Cartel.  The whole idea behind this site is that readers ‘pay’ for the books they download  for free by writing a review of the book.  But this is definitely a limited time offer.  It won’t go on forever!

If you’re an author, you know how important reviews are.  If you are not an author, you should know that my wanting reviews has nothing to do with ego-gratification!  Reviews have everything  to do with future sales.  Many online newsletters, blogs, and fan pages require a minimum nunber of reviews and a minimum standard of reviews (usually 4 star or better) before a book can be advertised on them.  So in order to advertise and generate more sales, reviews have to come first.  From that problem, came Story Cartel.

So visit Story Cartel today.  I hope you like New Vampire Online.  It has humorous moments and not a lot of blood and gore.  Here is some info about the novel:

Cate the vampire has launched a new online business with the help of Conrad, her sexy Cuban-American vampire boyfriend.  Everything seems almost perfect until Evgeny the Zombie Vampire and his girlfriend, Tatiana the Liar, land on the terrace beside her. Then her old vampire boyfriend, Jack the Surfer, turns up again.  Before long, cops show up asking questions.  And more cops.  Then there is that little adventure at the Chateau Montaigne near the Sunset Strip and the disappearance of her RV.  Maybe Conrad is right: Cate seems to run into trouble everywhere.


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