Free sexy romance novel on Feb. 5th and 6th on Kindle. It’s entitled ‘Playing for Julia’

Playing for Julia ebook cover

February 5th and 6th, Playing for Julia is FREE on Kindle.

On Wednesday and Thursday, February 5th and 6th, my x-rated romance novel, Playing for Julia, is FREE on Kindle.   It is a very sexy romance novel.  Like thousands of other women I read 50 Shades and said to myself–I can write better than that!  So I sat down one Sunday morning and began to write.  But my goal was not to write  one of those knock-offs of 50 Shades.  No abusive boyfriend for my heroine, Julia, although he tells her right up front what he has in mind.

I tried to be true to the period and place when I wrote it.  The time is 1969 and the place is San Francisco.   I was living there then, but was a working divorced mother with two small children and had no time to hang out with rock stars.  But many other aspects of the book are absolutely true:  the difficulty in finding work, the attitudes toward hippies and the anti-war movement, the influence of rock music, among other things.  The little house Julia and Ali rent actually existed.  A friend of mine lived in it and it was a weirdly funny cottage.  The politics and upheaval that go on at the start-up weekly newspaper are variations on a true event that happened in 1974–but could have happened in 1969.

By the time I finished the novel, I had to tip my hat to Erica James who wrote 50 Shades of Grey.  Writing explicit sex is very difficult–at least it was for me.  And how she wrote so enthusiastically about sex, sex and more sex for over 1000 pages I’ll never know!

Playing for Julia‘ inspired me in another way.  I had always wanted to write a vampire novel.

And  since then I have done that.  In fact, I’ve written one novella, New Vampire in Town, and one novel, New Vampire Online.

new vampire in town cover

New Vampire in Town, a novel of contemporary vampires. Sometimes funny! Not much blood and gore.

And I love the characters in the vampire books.  Because they are vampires they can do outrageous and strangely funny things, even though they live in today’s Las Vegas and Los Angeles.   Check them out on Kindle; maybe you will like them, too.

Oh, New Vampire in Town is also on Nook and iTunes.

AND…to see photos of the world of Cate, Conrad and Jack the surfer vampire go to their Pinterest page.


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