L.A. Ladies now available for pre-order on Kindle and Nook

Tooting my own horn here!  My new novel, ‘L.A. Ladies‘ is now ready for pre-ordering on Kindle. You can find it here and read more about Robin, a ghost-blogger who is re-starting her life after the death of her husband. (And–Yes!–a collie is a character in the novel.)

The paperback edition will published on February 18th, too.

This romance-mystery is available for pre-order at other online bookstores, including Nook and Kobo. Coming soon on iTunes and Scribd.

L.A. Ladies ebook cover

The ebook cover of ‘L.A. Ladies’. It is now available for pre-order of Kindle


A ta-da! moment: New Vampire in Town has stayed near the top of the Humorous Vampire category

new vampire in town coverIn a previous post I lamented that I had neglected to seek out reviews for New Vampire in Town.  But something must be working.  Maybe it is all the tweets.  Maybe it is all the ads on my many websites.  Whatever it is, New Vampire in Town has been as high as #2 and as low as #4 in the humorous vampire category on Kindle since it was release May 30th.  (I still would like reviews, however!)

In the tweets I’ve begun to compare Cate to that madcap Lucille Ball.  Lucy was smart, but ditsy and that is a good way to describe Cate, too.  Both of them come up with funny, odd solutions to problems.

And as my thank you to all of you who have bought the book here is some more music mentioned in it.  Conrad’s grandmother was Cuban and here is the music he remembers from visiting her in Cuba: La Familia Valera Miranda  Well, at least that is what Conrad tells Cate.  The truth and Conrad are not close friends!