Coming soon! ‘Working After Retirement’, a guide to 69+ jobs suitable for retirees

dominican republic sky

Many retirees dream of vacations in the tropics, but find their resources limited. ‘Working After Retirement’ can make these dreams come true.

For over ten years I have watched friends and acquaintances enter into retirement in varying states of preparedness. Almost all had made specific retirement plans that included Social Security and other financial resources.

Some, however, had an ‘Ooops Moment’ after they were retired. They discovered that they really did not have enough money to live comfortably in retirement or enough money to last as long as they planned to live. So they did the sensible thing: they went to work to earn more money.

I decided to write about the work they have done–and are still doing–to earn supplemental income after retirement.  This is not some kind of fantasy guide;  every job included is already generating an income for a real retiree.

“Working After Retirement’ will be published on September 4th on Kindle.  It will be available on Nook and iTunes shortly after that.


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