Indie Recon, the online convention for Indie authors starts Feb. 25 and it’s free!

I heard about this yesterday.  It’s an online event for indie writers and it looks good.  Better yet, registration is FREE!

Here’s the link to their site:

And here are the first four of 15 reasons you should register.

1. Keynote speakers J.A. Konrath and Barry Eisler are hosting a two hour chat to honestly answer any questions you have.
2. Find out how to face your fears and how to focus on your writing, being creative, and writing to your readers with Bob Mayer, Alicia Vancil, RaShelle Workman, Susan Kaye Quinn, Orna Ross, C.S. Lakin, and Rachel Aaron.
3. Find out all the nitty gritty details on self-publishing basics like pricing, distribution, and formatting from top industry professionals like Miral Sattar, Peter Bowerman, Joel Friedlander, and The Passive Guy (David Vandagriff).
4. Build your marketing skills and publicity skills with K.P. Simmons (InkSlinger PR), David Gaughran, Lori Culwell, Michael Alvear, Jim Kukral, Joanna Penn, Angela Ackerman, and Martha Carr.
new vampire online cover

Cover for the nontraditional vampire tale, New Vampire Online

I’m particularly interested in the marketing information because my newest novel, New Vampire Online, has recently been published and, of course, I want everyone to know about it and buy it. New Vampire Online is a very untraditional vampire tale of contemporary vampires dealing with today’s world.  Cate the vampire loves stilettos and has a website where she sells lipstick.  Her current boyfriend is in security and her old boyfriend is a surfer, among other things.

New Vampire Online is on Kindle
On iTunes
On Nook



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