How my vampire novella reached No. 3 on Amazon by selling just one more book! It amazed me!

new vampire in town cover

New Vampire in Town, a novel of contemporary vampires. Sometimes funny!

This is a true story and it happened four days ago.  My humorous vampire novella had been vanishing into Amazon’s sub-sub-basement.  In fact, there hadn’t been one sale of it in about six weeks.  Since I was writing every day on the next book in the series, New Vampire Online, I didn’t care very much.  Well, I cared enough to look at my sales on Zon once a week.  That’s when I noticed one sale.  Then, out of curiosity, I searched using the keywords ‘humorous vampire mystery’ in the Kindle store and there it was.  ‘New Vampire in Town was listed as Number Three!!  OMG!  I can now advertise this novella as a “Best-Seller on Amazon”!!

After my initial excitement passed I realized what being Number 3 really meant:  that the Kindle category of ‘humorous vampire mysteries’ has very very few sales and probably very very few readers. Oh sigh.

In David Gaughran’s very helpful book about marketing, Let’s Get Visible, he recommends seeking out smaller categories, niche markets, for books.  Which is precisely what I had done.  But he goes on to suggest that after a book has rise to the top of that category and begins to fall in ranking, switch to another category.   Maybe I should do that.  Or maybe I’ll stick to my plan of putting all my marketing support into the launch of the new full-length vampire novel I’ve almost completed.  And maybe some readers of the new novel will also buy the previous one.  That’s supposedly how things work.

Anyway, New Vampire Online, a humorous tale where vampires are the good guys–most of the time–and the female vampire is sometimes funny, will be published in January, 2014.


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