Holy cow! My vampire novella is in the top 15 on Amazon. I’m thrilled!

new vampire in town cover

New Vampire in Town, a novel of contemporary vampires. Sometimes funny!

When I published  my humorous novella, New Vampire in Town last June I followed the astute advice David Gaughran offers in his book Let’s Get Visible, an excellent guide to marketing for indie writers.  And it worked!   New Vampire in Town shot right up to #2 on Amazon’s humorous vampire list.  (Gaughran’s best advice is about selecting sub-genres on Amazon and how to make the most of them.)  But weeks passed and I got busy writing the next in this series of humorous vampire tales and more or less let New Vampire in Town fade away.  Well, not entirely.  Three weeks ago I ran a four day .99 offer — and didn’t sell even one book.  Although three days later more ebooks did sell.

Then this morning  I checked the ranking for New Vampire in Town and was astounded.  In the Amazon category ‘humorous vampire mystery’ my novella is listed as #15.  In the category of ‘humorous vampire’ it is listed as #50.  Okay, I know that’s not quite the same as being ranked on top of the New York Times Best Seller list, but I am still surprised and pleased.  David’s advice seems to still be working.

The next book in the series, New Vampire Online, will be released in January.  It is a full-length novel this time with Cate, Conrad and Jack joined by some other amusing and/or wicked vampires.


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