When a 3 star book review made me stand up and shout hurray!

new vampire in town cover

New Vampire in Town, a novel of contemporary vampires. Sometimes funny!

I don’t check the listings of my books on Barnes and Noble’s Nook very often.  Most of my sales are on Kindle.   A week ago, however, I checked B&N and found the first review there for my vampire novella, New Vampire in Town.  It had 3 stars.

Oh no, I thought, she must have hated it.  Do I want to look at what she said?  Not sure.  Be brave, I said to myself.  Read it.  So I did and I could hug whoever wrote the review.  She gave it three stars because it was short.  (The writer in me says–it’s a novella.  Novellas are short.)  And then the reviewer wrote :  “I’d like to read more by this author”   Nicer words this author has never read!  So “Thank you” to whoever wrote the review.  And hang in there.  I am about half way through a full length novel based on the vampires, Cate and Conrad, and their efforts to live normal lives in this world.  Cate gets into a web enterprise  and, of course, that gorgeous vampire Jack the Surfer is still around causing problems in the new book.

Funny follow-up.  I checked B&N to get the link, below, and discovered that Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot is listed right beside New Vampire in Town.  I love it!

Here is where to find New Vampire in Town:

On Kindle, go here

On Barnes & Noble’s Nook, go here

On ITunes, go here


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