Eureka! I found where book reviewers hang out! A new page on Facebook

On a group on LinkedIn there is an ongoing discussion about authors paying for reviews.  I knew that John Locke had paid for reviews to launch his career as a mystery/thriller writer, but according to an article in the New York Times last August, Locke wasn’t the only one.  In fact, he wasn’t mentioned until page three of the article.  If you’re interested in the article it’s here.

What came from the LinkedIn discussion were two resources for reviews.  One on a Facebook page called Seeking Reviewers.  I just jumped on the bandwagon and submitted my request to join the group.  The deal is very simple: authors list short requests for reviews and agree to offer the book free to anyone who wants to review it.  Hey, I can do that for both my books!

Another site mentioned was  I haven’t been there yet, but I’ve been told it is the same kind of deal.

new vampire in town coverWith both these sites there is no guarantee that anyone will want to review the book an author submits.  The only way to guarantee a review is to pay for it at sites like Kirkus.  Nonetheless, I will be submitting my novella, New Vampire in Town, to see if anyone will write a review.  It’s not been available for very long and I sure would like reviews, other than the one my adult son told me.  He said the main female character is “cute”.

Both New Vampire in Town and Playing for Julia are available on Nook and iTunes, too.


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