8 days into my book launch for New Vampire and I did it wrong again!

julia.smWhen I published my first novel in January, I just uploaded the book to Kindle and told a bunch of friends about it.  My lovely daughter-in-law also helped by telling her friends.  I sold a few copies of this very sexy novel set in San Francisco during the summer of ’69.  Since then I’ve learned that tossing a digital manuscript with digital cover out into the universe of digital books is like shedding one tear into the Pacific Ocean.  It vanishes.  This is the link to the first novel, now retitled, Playing for Julia.

So I set out to learn what I should have done.

In the past several months I read everything I could about e-publishing in several LinkedIn Groups, joined a wonderful, supportive indie writers’ group on Facebook (it’s closed to new members now), read Anne Allen’s informative blog, and read David Gaughran’s very informative new book, “Let’s Get Visible”.

Then I made up a launch-a-book list for my humorous novella, New Vampire in Town, and followed it.  But I messed up one aspect: reviews.  I thought I had to have already published the ebook before I could get reviews.  As it turns out, I should have solicited reviewers well before the launch date. So if, by any chance, you read New Vampire in Town, please write a review!

new vampire in town cover

For whatever it is worth, this humorous tale of contemporary lives of thoroughly modern vampires is selling quite well.  Yesterday it reached No. 2 on the Kindle list of humorous vampire books.  And the introductory price is effective through this weekend.

Oh, It’s also available on Nook and Kobo and will be in the iBookstore sometime in the next couple of weeks.


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