Amazon algorithms decoded — yes, really!

In David Gaughran’s new book Let’s Get Noticed, he deciphers much of the mystery of how Amazon ranks books.  For any author or publisher this information is enormously valuable.  As we all know, being top-ranked, being in the Top 100, on Amazon can be a ticket to sales and more sales.  But, as it turns out, making it into the Top 100 Best Sellers on Amazon or Kindle should perhaps not be an author’s first goal.  Gaughran goes on to identify all the “other” Top 100s on the Amazon site and offers recommendations of how to reach the heights on these other lists.  He also analyzes the benefits of offering books free.

Gaughran moves on to describe in detail three ways to launch a book, including one method I had already decided to use for the upcoming launch of my new novella, New Vampire in Town.  After reading Gaughran’s advice, however, I have delayed the publication date by a couple of weeks until early June in order to complete a few steps he recommends, but I had not included in my original book launch plan.

I strongly recommend Let’s Get Noticed.  Find it at


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