I confess: My characters are lusting for each other, but I stopped them.

San Francisco summer '69

FREE on May 2 and 3 on Kindle!

Sex, sex and more sex!  Yup, that’s what went into my first novel, San Francisco Summer ’69.  But then the question arose:  is it sexy or is it porn.  I read a good differentiation yesterday by the ever-hilarious Delilah Dawson, author of Wicked as She Wants.  If after a sexual encounter, the characters experience a change in thought or behavior  (e.g. like him/her more, like sex more or less, think more about the meaning of life, etc.) then the sex is simply one part of a story.  If, in a book,  after a sexual experience there is simply more sex with the goal of arousing the reader, then it is porn.  Using this standard the 50 Shades books are NOT in the porn category.  (There have been several discussions in our family about this.)

But I have become tired of all this porn v. sex chatter.

So I decided to write a vampire novella I’ve been thinking about for a while–with no explicit sex.  Actually it is a humourous contemporary vampire story and while the two main characters, Cate and Conrad, lust after each other, two kisses were all I allowed them.  (One of the kisses is tinged with blood!)  In this book, at least, the readers aren’t going to get details of vampire sex.  But maybe in the next one.  Ah…the power of an author.

BTW, the vampire novella has not been published yet, but should be on Amazon Kindle within a couple of weeks. It’s title is New Vampire in Town.  It’s set in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, two cities I know well.

Meanwhile, the sexy San Francisco Summer ’69 novel will be FREE on May 2,3.  That’s this Thursday and Friday.  Get your free copy.  Read it.  Write a review.  Here’s the link: http://amazon.com/dp/B00B3KDB7U


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