Truth about #NookPress making changes: they can’t

First I want to thank someone over at the Nook Press website for clarifying who can and who cannot make changes to books produced on the new Nook Press.   Only collaborators authorized by author can go into the book manuscript online and they can only comment about the book.  The author is still in charge.  Hey, we’ve all had comments from beta readers and editors that we accepted and others we’ve  ignored–right?!  Nothing has changed.

Actually, the more I read the details about the new Nook Press the more it sounds like Google Docs for authors.

I write this because yesterday in one online writers group, someone posted a statement that Nook (B&N) could make changes to covers and manuscripts.  NOT TRUE!  Nook Press and B&N can remove books for the usual reasons: obscenity, pornography, libelous content, etc.  That only makes sense.  (Although with 50 Shades’s monstrous sales figures, what is porn and what is not has become cloudy.)

If you want to see the exact comment that came from Nook Press, go to the previous post on this blog and read the comment.

Or read the fine print for yourself at


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