Is it true? #NookPress can change a book?

I went to the new Nook Press site and tried to get more details, but it wasn’t easy.  In one of the writers’ groups, however, I read that the fine print for Nook Press states that they can change a cover or even change the copy for any ebook published using their new service.  That makes me uneasy–to say the least.

I really like some of the other features: uploading a manuscript once, then editing it on their site; being able to have others, for example, beta readers or editors, read the manuscript on their site, and not having to struggle with formatting before uploading.

My PubIt account is currently inactive.  I took down my novel, San Francisco Summer ’69, which had been available for Nook Readers so I could put it onto Kindle Select.   I’m concerned that if I reactivate the PubIt account that they will publish the novel again and that would cook my goose for Kindle Select.  I guess I will just wait for now.

San Francisco Summer ’69, a steamy, sexy novel, is available at


One Comment on “Is it true? #NookPress can change a book?”

  1. Np Test says:

    A user can invite a ‘collaborator’ – to view/comment on the manuscript and view the cover image. In no way can a collaborator modify a users project.

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