Is my novel sexy, steamy or p*rn?

In the last week I’ve had to face this question as I dashed around the internet trying to get my new novel, San Francisco Summer ’69, listed on free book blogs and in free book newsletters.   I’d cheerfully start filling in the information required for submission, when I would be faced with the statement NO Porn.  Well, my novel has sex in it–explicit detailed sex in it–although not in the sample pages.  Does having sex in a book mean it’s porn?  I don’t think so.  But what does the publisher at the free book blog think?  What is her standard for porn/non-porn?

San Francisco Summer ’69 is a story of seduction and love between two people who happen to be living in the city and making new lives for themselves during that wild, chaotic period.  At that time sex was a big part of young people’s lives.  The pill had just become available and suddenly sex could be enjoyed with no fear of pregnancy.  So, of course, I included it.  (I also included the Grateful Dead at the Fillmore, inner tubing at the Russian River, antiwar lawyers and lots of other things!)

I took the question of what is porn and what is steamy and what is sexy to a writer’s group and got the same answer that Justice Potter Stewart proposed back in 1964: ” I will know it when I see it.”  (That’s a paraphrase.)  One fellow writer added “Naughty” to the range of possibilities, but there was no agreement on what is and is not pornographic writing.  There is even no agreement about 50 Shades and that book was nominated for a National Book Award!

For whatever it is worth, I did not submit the free days for the novel at any blog, newsletter or website that had the standard “No Porn”.   I’m sorry so many readers of love stories won’t learn about it.

The FREE days on Kindle are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, April 3,4,5.  Here is the link:

I also have a website set up to show how the world looked at that time:

Enjoy the book!  Tell your friends!


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