I bet Taylor spied on #Christian Grey and Ana

Okay.  This is my obligatory 50 Shades post.  As I was reading the book almost a year ago one idea kept surfacing:  did that whiz-bang security guy, Taylor, really behave like a 18th Century family retainer?  Silent?  Discreet beyond measure?  Subservient as only the English servant class can be?

As much as E.L. James tried to convince us of that truth, I doubt it.   A better bet is that Taylor installed micro-cameras in the infamous Red Room and taped all the whip-me-beat-me stuff and sold it on the internet somewhere.  Or maybe he just kept the videos for personal use by Mrs. Smith (or was her name Mrs. Jones? A much more apt name for someone in Christian’s world)  and himself–that cozy twosome tucked away upstairs in that luxury tower.  Or maybe Taylor and Smith used the Red Room in Christian’s absence.   Anything is possible in fiction!

Okay, if you read this far, you deserve to be rewarded.  Here is some advance news:  My sexy new novel, San Francisco Summer ’69 is going to be 100% free on Kindle on April 3,4,5.  The hero of this book does not beat up his girlfriend!  He’s a rock music lyricist back in the wild heyday of San Francisco in the late 1960s.  He is in hot pursuit of the heroine, a young woman who lands in a job at a start-up alternative newspaper.  She blows him off–more than once.  For more than that you’ll have to read the book.  Remember, free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 3,4,5 on Kindle.  Here is where to find it: http://amazon.com/dp/B00B3KDB7U

For photos of clothes, rock bands, movies and San Francisco in 1969, go to the website http://sanfranciscosummer69.com  Groovy!


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