Apps? I don’t need no stinkin’ apps!

In my rambles through writing oriented blogs I came across someone recommending that books should now be published as apps–as well as in a gazillion different formats.   What?  Why would a book, particularly fiction, require an app?  Apps are designed to take you to one place, again and again and again.  Think Angry Birds.  A novel is usually read once in a lifetime.  Maybe twice.  It didn’t seem to me to make sense to develop an app for fiction.  Maybe for a reference book, but not some juicy, bloody, and/or brilliant novel.

Happily, this very topic came up on the Tools of Change group on LinkedIn a couple of days ago.  And I felt vindicated.  The postings went both ways–for and against–but when I left the thread the “againsts” were in the strongest position.  The most convincing argument for was:  apps are good for children’s books because they can be interactive.

Part of the interest in book apps has been spurred by Bowker,, which now offers some sort of Android app creation program on their website.  For only $299.  Plus an annual maintenance fee.  There are also sites that offer this same service for free.  But the kicker is: Amazon does not accept apps for books!!  (At least that is what I have heard.  If you know otherwise, let me know.)

With all the other ups and downs I am going through while learning about E-Publishing I am delighted to see I can dismiss Android apps–at least for now.





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