Confession: I actually read a zombie book and loved it

Never in a million years–well, I’m not that old–did I think I would write a rave review about a zombie book.  Zombies are such uninteresting creatures: undead, lurching, unthinking–like poorly constructed robots.  Then I stumbled on Roberto Calas’ The Scourge.   It was initially published as one of Kindle’s early Serials.   Set in Medieval England, an era which I love, The Scourge is a true quest tale as the hero, Sir Edward, accompanied by two  fellow knights,  heads northward across the Thames to find his beloved wife in a time of a zombie infestation.

The writing is wonderful.  Calas’s description of mustering a zombie army to fight the French is very very witty.   Because the book was published–and written–serially, the author was able to write a section in the beginning of each episode about historical references and real people who make cameo appearances.  For example:  there really was a Sir Edward and he took on John of Gaunt, the king’s uncle, and lived to tell the tale.  Perhaps most interesting to me was Calas’s explanation of seeing zombies as a literary equivalent of the great Death Plagues of the Middle Ages: dangerous, unexplained and almost impossible for the population to avoid.

For whatever it is worth.  I do not know Roberto Calas and have never read anything else he has written.  And I’m not being paid to write this review.  My interest stems from my writing a vampire book and I was scouting around seeing what else was being written in the paranormal sphere.  The Scourge definitely sets a high standard for the genre.


One Comment on “Confession: I actually read a zombie book and loved it”

  1. Thanks for the inspring words about my book, Annie. It does wonders for my writing motivation to hear people say good things about my work. As I’m sure you know, being a writer yourself. Love the blog.

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