What’s this on Amazon? I’m more than 5 years behind!


I generally get the books I read from the local library which is why, of course, I have been so completely in the dark about e-publishing.  (At least that’s my story.)  Books from the library are free.  I like free.

But since I am now an author of a steamy, sexy love story published on Amazon, I have been poking around to see what’s going on there.  My latest discovery–don’t laugh at me please–is that Amazon has their own Imprints.  “What?” That was my first reaction. As it turns out at least one of these Imprints has been around for over 5 years.   Then came “Why?”  A bit more reading–elsewhere, not on Amazon–and I learned that the general opinion is that Amazon intends to disrupt publishing with these Imprints.

But disruptive or not they interested me.  In particular because I am writing a humorous vampire novella and I can’t quite figure out how to categorize it.  Is it the kind of thing to submit to 47 North, where vampires and zombies dwell?  Or maybe Montlake is the correct Imprint because there is a romance of sorts in the story?  Or is the right choice Thomas & Mercer because of the mystery.  So I checked into submission requirements at these various Imprints and was particularly interested in the royalty schedules — you know, like the ones we all see when publishing independently on Amazon.   I couldn’t find a drop of information about royalties at these Imprints.

Actually, when I began writing this novella I had Kindle Singles in mind, rather than a genre publisher.  Most traditional publishers have no interest in novellas, unless the author is already very famous.  And at Kindle Singles I don’t have to make the choice.  They will.  If they accept it.

I’ll let you know what happens.

In the meantime you can find my sexy, steamy novel on Kindle Books at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B3KDB7U


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