Does anyone have experience publishing a #Kindle Single?

I asked that question on the LinkedIn E-Books group and promptly got spammed–not once, but three times–by a guy who wanted to sell me a cheap e-book cover.  My question was removed before the next day by whoever does those things, so I only got one answer: it’s hard to get published as a Kindle Single.  And this answer was from a woman who had never even tried to get published on Kindle Singles.  So I’m still looking for an answer.

My interest is that I am writing what originally started as a humorous novella about a female vampire, but now it seems to be growing and growing beyond Kindle Single size.

Anyway, I decided to take a look at the Kindle Singles and bought three of them.  The non-fiction single was “Epic Fail” and it was definitely a ho-hum reprise of embarrassingly awful public performances or actions in recent years and how we, as the audience, laugh at them cruelly.  Not much new there.

The next Kindle Single I bought was a famous writer: Margaret Atwood.  It is the first episode, ‘I’m Starved for You’, of her new serial for Byliner, the e-publisher that specializes in serials.  I love Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, but I’m not much of a fan of her other writings.  This one, unfortunately, was more like her works I don’t much care for.

Next came NOIR by Linda Mannheim!  It is fabulous!  The plot is compelling.  The characters are multi-dimensional.  The setting of south Florida during the mid-80s [think Miami Vice and Scarface] is perfect for a noir tale of light and dark, good and evil, illusions and mistaken perceptions under that blazing hot sun.  I wish it had been a novel instead of a novella.  I just checked and it is listed for sale for .99  The bargain of the month!

I hope my vampire novel is as good in its own way as Mannheim’s Noir.

It’s on Kindle Singles at


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