Wake up you online book sellers!

Write Your Memoir in One DAy

My first digital publication: “Write Your Memoir in One Day”.  It’s on Kindle.

Well, it’s happened again.  Here’s the story of what’s gone on so far in this latest misadventure.

I got a Kindle for Mother’s Day in 2012.  I liked it!  I decided that it would be fun to self-publish a book.   My first thought was to write a book entitled “Stop Looking For A Job”.  I’ve been earning my living by writing as a freelancer since 1986, and I know a thing or two about self-employment.  But before I wrote even one word of that book I realized I had the manuscript for a handbook I used in my Memoir Writing class in my computer already.   It’s entitled “Write Your Memoir in One Day” and gives lots of information and examples of how to begin a mini-memoir. So why write a new book, I asked myself.  I’ll just publish this.

Mark Coker, the Smashwords owner, has a list of people who will inexpensively do conversions for e-publications and others to create digital covers.  I contacted two people and within a few days I was able to upload “Write Your Memoir in One Day”  to both Smashwords and Amazon.   Voila!  I was a digital indie author!

Well, over the nine months this book has had hundreds of sample views and I’ve made a little over $10 on it.  I’ve raised the price.  Lowered the price.  Then several months ago I cut out the introduction on the Smashwords digital version.  (The introduction still exists on the Kindle version.)

Okay.  Here it comes.  A few days ago I decided to drop the price at Smashwords to 99 cents again.  Then, last Saturday I received notification that I had to resubmit the manuscript at Smashwords because I had changed it.  No, I didn’t change it, folks.  At least not now.  It was months ago.  The only thing I changed was the price, and that wasn’t the first time it had been dropped to 99 cents.

Is this another example of the right hand and left hand not talking to each other?   Or are their content reviewers really really behind schedule?

Anyway, the book is now in limbo at Smashwords.  It needs updating so I’ll do that, then resubmit.    Meanwhile I’ve written and published a sexy romance novel and am writing another novel about technologically proficient vampires.

The memoir book on Kindle is at http://amazon.com/dp/B008GMRLM4   (But for some reason this link, which I have double checked at Amazon and entered twice, will not go live.  Yet another misadventure!)

The sexy romance novel on Kindle also is at http://amazon.com/dp/B00B3KDB7U


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