But you asked me to review my own book!

A week or so after I published my new novel, San Francisco Summer ’69, on Amazon I decided to buy a copy and, magically, it flew through the air to my Kindle.  A few days later an email from Amazon appeared in my inbox and it asked me to review my book. I was shocked!  I can review my own book?  I jumped at the chance and wrote a rave review. “Loved Julia!  Loved Austen Even More!”  was the headline.

Then about a week later I received another email from Amazon letting me know they had removed my review.  Whoever wrote the email was very polite and noted that the Author’s Page was a better place for promotional copy.

My first thought:  Amazon, you asked me to write that review!

My second thought:  Apparently the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing up there in Seattle.

I have since learned more about the infamous self-published mystery writer, John Locke, who finally ‘fessed up to paying for 300 positive reviews to launch his writing career.  Hey, it turned him into a Self-Published Millionaire.  But when Amazon learned this, they began a gigantic purge of book reviews across their database.  My review “Loved Julia!  Loved Austen Even More!” was merely another purge victim.


Here is where to find this sexy, steamy romance novel on Kindle: http://amazon.com/dp/B00B3KDB7U   Write a review of it!


One Comment on “But you asked me to review my own book!”

  1. barelybest says:

    Can’t blame you for trying! Kind of amusing they took it down after they asked your for it haha..

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