A cult? What nutty advice comes next?

1960 street fashion

Street fashions from the 1960s, when photographing what real women really wore began.

This morning I was reading a newsletter that comes from a woman who has wrapped up Direct Marketing 101 in the guise of Advice to E-Authors. Most of the time I simply delete it, but today her topic was pricing of e-books.  So I clicked through and read what she had to say even though the answer is pretty obvious if you go to Amazon’s Kindle: $2.99 to $9.99 for fiction. The high end if you are famous; the low end if you are not.  But then she wrote that fiction writers could price their books higher if they had a cult following.


I’m supposed to develop a cult to earn more money?  And she didn’t stop there. She went on to advocate that authors write lead generation books and price them at zero to generate a cult following.

Hey, this is getting way too complicated for me. I plan to spend my writing time on novels that readers will enjoy–not lead generation blurbs.  And I have no yearning to be a cult leader going on and on about Kool-Aid or black helicopters or teenage werewolves.  My goal is to be a successful author of amusing and entertaining e-books.  I particularly like the vampire novel I’m working on now.  And if you’re into sex and lots of it described in detail, my newest novel, “San Francisco Summer ’69” should give you a thrill.  It’s also historically accurate in case you’re interested in what really happened back then.  Things were not exactly what you think they were.  Hint: There was more ambition and back-stabbing than peace and love among people in the counter-culture.

I doubt that either of these books will spawn a cult.  Well, maybe the vampire one might, but it is such silly fun that cult-members will end up holding laughing contests wearing  those big, white wax Halloween vampire teeth.

Okay.  Now on to my most current misadventure.  It happened yesterday when I tried to enter the link to the San Francisco novel on yesterday’s post and it didn’t work.  Here goes again: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B3KDB7U   Hey, it looks like it works!


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