Behind before I started

inner tubing Russian river

Four characters in the novel go inner tubing on the Russian River. Fun!

You may think you are reading a blog.  But you’re not.  It’s what’s called an “Author’s Platform”–a way for fans, romance novel readers, potential book buyers, and random blog wanderers to learn more about me.   According to everything I’ve read, book authors need a platform these days, so now I have one, of sorts.  And here I thought that having a website for my new novel, “San Francisco Summer ’69” was enough. You can visit the website at  It’s a pretty cool site with lots of photos from the late 1960s.

Not only was I supposed to have a blog, it was supposed to be up and running months before publication, instead of six weeks after the novel appeared on Amazon.  So this is misadventure Number 1.  Actually, it is not Number 1–that happened in 1989.  More about that later.  For now, buy this steamy, sexy e-book on Kindle and Nook.  Tell your friends about it.  And come back to this blog for more misadventures.  They’ve been almost a daily occurrence since I decided to enter the world of e-publishing!


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